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Shoes (PZM1-V)

Shoes (PZM1-V)
Shoes (PZM1-V)
Shoes (PZM1-V)
Shoes (PZM1-V)
Shoes (PZM1-V)
Shoes (PZM1-V)
Shoes (PZM1-V)
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Shoes Comfort shoes are made of very soft genuine leather and light linden wood. The sole has a contoured shape, the gentle support of the longitudinal arch of the foot helps to straighten the longitudinal flat feet, the recess of the heel stabilizes the correct position of the heel, preventing the tendency to deform the heels. Unlike the skin, the wooden insole does not deform during use, performs the correct posture, absorbs shocks caused by walking, perfectly absorbs sweat and does not abrade the feet. If you value comfort and convenience, this is the model that will meet YOUR needs.

Size - insert length cm

35 - 22.5

36 - 23.2

37. - 23.8

38. - 24.4

39 - 25.2

40 - 25.8

41 - 26.5

Heel height - 5 cm

Sole thickness - 2.5 cm

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