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Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)

Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
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Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
Shoes Buxa (KPU2-S-42)
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KPU2 model shoes are intended for medical personnel as medical shoes. Medical slippers are designed for people who do work that requires many hours of walking or standing, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, beauticians, teachers, sales assistants, and so on.

  The model has a specially designed sole made of natural wood, which stimulates the work of many parts of the foot. The shape of the sole makes the muscles constantly exercise, warms them up, improves circulation and gives the feet a healthy, good look.

   The KPU2 model is made of high-quality genuine leather with a special coating that allows water vapor and air to pass through, facilitates cleaning and hygiene.

  To adjust the width of the KPU2 model, a special rubber is sewn at the top from the inside of the shoe. This treatment allows the upper of the shoe to adhere perfectly to the foot.

The model is suitable for both normal feet and those with higher arches.

The sole consists of two components:

 - the upper half is made of unpainted alder wood, which has health properties and has a profiled shape. The gentle support of the longitudinal arch of the foot helps to correct the longitudinal flat feet, the recess of the heel stabilizes the correct position of the heel, preventing the tendency to deform the heels.

 Unlike the skin, the wooden insole does not deform during use, presses the correct posture, absorbs sweat perfectly and does not rub the feet,

 - the lower side of the sole is made of synthetic material, i.e. PU, i.e. special non-slip, abrasive rubber and additional retreading, guarantees work safety regardless of the type of substrate.

 Another advantage of this type of material is the prevention of vibrations caused by walking, the absorption of shocks, the reduction of pain in the feet, knees and spine.

  The slippers are CE certified as shoes, medical shoes, shoes for sensitive feet, health, preventive and protective shoes.

Heel height - 4.5 cm

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