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Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)

Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
Women's shoes Buxa ANATOMIC (BZ241-M)
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The shoes of the Buxa ANATOMIC line, model BZ241, were manufactured in Poland and only of Polish origin. Both the upper and inner lining are made of soft leather. The shoes have perforations, thanks to which the foot is ventilated. The model has the ability to adjust the width of the Velcro strap, giving better opportunities to adjust the shoes to the individual needs of the foot. For the inner lining we used a velor skin that is pleasant to the foot, while there is a super soft foam under the lining - giving extra comfort when walking.

The advantages of our insert are:

- Heel recess prevents the tendency to valgus and ensures stabilization of the heel bone

 - The support of the longitudinal arch of the support ensures the correct walking position. The lack of such support in the shoes causes a decrease in the elasticity of the foot muscles, makes it difficult to walk, causes degenerative changes in the calcane-ankle and ankle-ankle joints, also causes heel wounds, swelling, pain in the calves, knee joints and spine,

- Transverse arch support avoids the pain associated with poor footwear choices. Transverse flat foot insoles, due to their contoured shapes, fill the submerged foot arch and raise its structure to its original height, thus restoring the physiological condition of the entire foot sole. Wearing shoes without a profile causes painful footprints and swelling,

- The boat-shaped roller under the toes prevents the foot from sliding forward and hitting the toes against the tip of the shoe.

  The sole is made of light, flexible and resilient material, which allows you to dampen impacts when walking on a hard surface with anti-slip properties. The width of the sole is suitable for people with narrow legs and normal build. The total height of the wedge is 4 cm, the thickness of the sole is 1.5 cm and the difference in height is 2.5 cm. The thickness of the medical shoes is in the F-G range, and the wide and high toe allows you to place your toes freely. The shoes have raised discs, which provide additional protection for the toes and prevent the foot from moving sideways when walking. The upper is sewn to the sole by hand, which guarantees the durability and high quality of the shoes.

 Remember that comfortable leather shoes not only guarantee comfort during long hours of use, but are mainly designed to prevent foot deformity and help maintain proper posture.

Recommendations for the buyer:

  The model is the usual standard size, but always note the length in centimeters.

Size - insert length cm

35 - 22.8

36 - 23.5

37 - 24.1

38 - 24.8

39 - 25.4

40 - 26.0

41 - 26.6

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