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Ergonomic cot-chair (1959455106418)

Ergonomic cot-chair (1959455106418)
Ergonomic cot-chair (1959455106418)
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This cot is a wonderful gift for new parents, thanks to which the child can be not only horizontal, but also partially seated without the help of parents. When the bed is moved by hand or the child becomes more durable, the bed begins to sway easily. The parents' hands remain free at that time and they can rest for a short time. Swinging the bed vigorously will bring a lot of joy to the child, swinging calmly - it will calm down and prepare the child to sleep.


LONG-TERM USEFUL. Suitable from birth to about 2 years (from 3.5 kg to 13 kg)

ERGONOMICAL - folds in a flat, narrow shape, so it does not take up much space, it can be supported and stuffed in a variety of places.

LIGHTWEIGHT, weighs about 2 kg, so it is convenient to transport (for example, when transporting a child when visiting).

MULTIFUNCTIONAL. Help in the child's development: communicate, play, sleep. The child can swing on the bed for a long time, talking to him from time to time, giving him a new toy.

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