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Office chair VANGALOO DM8198, black (5578085431309)

Office chair VANGALOO DM8198, black (5578085431309)
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Office chair VANGALOO DM8198, black (5578085431309)
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Comfortable driver's seat on wheels. The adjustable chair height will allow you to sit comfortably in the workplace for both tall and short people. Durable and comfortable chair, suitable for any design, both in the office and at home, for work or playing computer games.

The comfortable office chair is upholstered in eco leather with a strong fabric that is difficult to damage. Artificial leather is intended for those who dream of a luxurious environment, but want to pay less for it.

With this chair, your workplace will be spacious and bright, acceptable to people living in a modern rhythm.


- Height adjustable

Seat height 50-58 cm.

The height of the chair is 112-120 cm.

- Plastic wheels

- Material: Eco leather

- Maximum load: 120 kg

- color black

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