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3D pencil (R30) 3D pencil (R30)
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Have you ever thought that a simple drawing on paper could become a real product?Nowadays, this is possible both very easily and cheaply. The 3D pencil is the first pencil in the world that allows you to create everything you need using ABS plastic (LEGO blocks are made from this material). Both you..
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Characteristics of the arena:For children from 6 months. up to 3 years;Made of lacquered pine;The joints may be blue.The set includes: 7 standard parts, 1 part with a gate...
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Chess, checkers and backgammon set B10A1 (2484684681195) Chess, checkers and backgammon set B10A1 (2484684681195)
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A set for playing chess, checkers and backgammon. It has a wooden chess table and a set of carefully crafted chess pieces. On the other side of the chess board is a backgammon board. A carefully designed set of chess accessories fits inside the chess board.Features:2 diceBackgammon / checkersdimensi..
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When summer comes, move the children’s playroom outside. It is much more fun to play in the fresh air, and it is even more fun to play BASKETBALL. A children's basketball stand can be great entertainment for your children or a good challenge for yourself. Play with children, developing their eye and..
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Active games, useful sports and activities that will never get tired - all this can be brought to your home today!The set of small boxers includes:Boxing pear;Pear stand with base;Boxing glove...
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Children's kitchen with accessories (R11) Children's kitchen with accessories (R11)
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Does your child like to look at you often in the kitchen and play with food? Give him a chance to imagine that you are a real chef or a restaurant owner. This kitchen set will free your imagination and take several hours from your child. It is in their interest to play alone or with brothers, sister..
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The training microscope kit promotes research and discovery by showing one of the most important scientific tools in an interesting way. The lens allows you to adjust the magnification, with this microscope you can see various objects at 100, 400 and 1200 times magnification. The microscope has its ..
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Music is simply an integral part of life. From an early age we are used to various musical sounds and more: lullabies, various melodies that emit sounds, and so on. Maybe it's time to let your kids start making their own music? This piano-synthesizer is exactly what will help them not only create mu..
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Children's suitcase - pad with microphone, wheels and handle (R24)
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It is not only a comfortable suitcase, but also a speaker with a microphone, which will delight children.During the trip, the suitcase will fit perfectly with all the child's belongings, and with your favorite music and songs, the trip will not last long...
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The car can be driven with the rear wheels on a flat surface;When moving between two tracks, you can drive on an obstacle springboard;Take the cable car to a stopped position.Material: plastic.Batteries: 3xAAA (not included).Package contents: machine 8x7,2x6,6 cm, suspension track construction detai..
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This toy is made of high quality plastic. The game strengthens the coordination of the child's eyes and hands, develops creativity, stimulates the imagination.Features:Suitable for children from 3 years of age...
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